Another non-anime/game related layout! ^^ This actually was inspired by another layout I had made for my site, Lovely Designs. Anyways, the layout is tables, titled "Streaks of Red". Why that title? Because the main image looks like there are streaks of red light passing through each other. Also looks like the streaks are forming a sphere/planet, huh? ^~ Hope it's eye-catching and such. Thanks to Adobe PS for the needed filters to make the layout's image. ^^


Pretty simple. XD Your main file would be 'red_index.html'--go there and edit the file; replace all the contents there with your own stuff, although leave the copyright part alone, please. See below for more information... Moving on, if you want to change the fonts, colors, the CSS parts, then go to 'red_style.css' and add/change/delete anything from there that you'd like to change. ^~ Basically all the image files included are essential, except the blank button, which is an extra. That's pretty much it on how to use the layout. ^_^ If you seem to be having problems, please contact me via email at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com


With this layout, I've also included an extra image file that you may use. It's a blank button. You may use this button to let others link back to you--and don't forget to GIVE ME CREDIT for the blank button if you plan to use it, please. Below's how it looks like:


Below, don't forget to change 'Your name/site' with your name or site's name. Other than that, leave everything below in the "copyright statement" alone. In other words, if you are going to use this layout, you must leave the copyright alone over there--do NOT delete it. The copyright below also links back to Lovely Designs, since this is where the layout's from. Do NOT claim this layout as your own or re-distribute it/post it on your site unless I give you permission FIRST. If you have any questions or concerns prior to this layout, please contact me via email at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com

Enjoy! ^-^

Your name/site. Layout by: Lovely Designs. All rights reserved.