Past Looks of Lovely Designs
Most sites, I've seen, have some memorial of how much their site has gone through and improved over each layout they've used. So I decided that Lovely Designs should also have a page about its past layouts so others and I can remember each special layout Lovely Designs has been decorated with.

NOTE: There are only small thumbnails of the past layouts. Safety reasons...basically so no one can really steal them. If you do get an inspiration to make a layout similar to any of the past layouts or current one, I would appreciate it if you gave me some sort of thanks for the idea (although that's all up to you).

Lovely Designs' Current Layout

--Version 22 (a Reserved Grace)--

--Version 21 (Newfound Strenth)--
I finally switched back to div layers on this design...sort of. The content was still in tables. But it was a big change from the last several layouts. It featured one of my biggest obsessions: Cloud Strife. The images of him were captured from my Japanese edition of the Advent Children DVD. I decided to go with a lot of image blending instead of typical abstract art this time. I'm pleased to say that the results were very grand; I deeply love the layout.

--Version 20--
Yes, I love tables; deal with it. I love how it keeps the content "centered" on the webpage. Anyways, this one featured Star Ocean 3 characters, Fayt Leingod and Sophia Esteed. I scanned it from the back cover of the game's case. I added in a touch of my abstract art for the background behind the two characters. An appealing and eye-catching layout; or at least I received positive feedback on the layout. Although some did mention to me that they were getting a bit tired of seeing table layouts...

--Version 19--
Finally did away with the pixel stretch technique. Making this design most pleasant and eye-catching; better than the last. A unique abstract art was featured as the main image, put together in a creative outline. Soft colors were used in this layout so it wouldn't be such an eye-sore, yet still prominent with some glow from the abstract art. This layout stayed up for a really long time (during the school year).

--Version 18--
The font used, Evanescence, worked well in this layout with a unique abstract art. Also decided to take a rest from brightness, and softly toned the colors down. While it's not too blinding or bright, it's welcoming and eye-catching. The pixel stretch technique was used in this layout, too...which was not a good idea. Needless to say, it got a bit annoying and tiring to look at.

--Version 17 (Part 2)--
As mentioned in "Part 1" of Version 17, a banner contest took place, in which the 1st place winner's banner would replace the original banner for version 17. Congratulations to Fiona for winning 1st place--the banner you made is beautiful *points to thumbnail above*!!! It's been a while since purple was used for Lovely Designs' layout, too. A lovely abstract art was also featured behind the girl--everything was lovely, indeed!

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Layout Credits & Copyrights
"Thank you!!" to...
Fruits Basket // Adobe ImageReady 7 // DaFONT // Melissa (feedback)
...Fruits Basket images were scanned from its DVDs...

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