More Link Exchanges
Below are sites that we have link exchanged with. If you would like to link exchange with Lovely Designs, then please contact Christine by clicking here. Thank you. =)

An enchanting graphics site that provides you with graphics meant to express one's feelings and thoughts, along with tutorials and activities for you.

Cute designs site filled with a variety of anime graphics -- layouts, avatars, buttons -- (currently under construction...)

An anime graphics site filled with many free linkware graphics -- layouts, wallpapers, brushes, avatars -- including tutorials, an image gallery, and forum.

A game graphics site for game fanatics and lovers -- layouts, wallpapers, and other types of graphics -- with other featured subjects like abstract and some anime.

A free linkware graphics site featuring a variety of graphics -- layouts, wallpapers, templates, avatars -- and tutorials of many topics.

A site filled with creativity and artful designs -- providing simple, yet quality linkware graphics like layouts -- including tutorials to help your site.

LeahKimito's domain and collective filled with various contents for visitors -- hosting/sponsoring, contests, and links to her other sites.

A friendly forum that encourages people from all over the world to join where they can meet other people, discuss and share their interests, and have so much more fun.

A personal graphics site that strives to stand out from the crowd and provide visitors with a unique archive of quality graphics.

A graphics site (in German) with a huge archive of pretty layouts and various other graphics for websites of any size and type.

A prospering graphics, and anime&game information site; they also have a message board that you can join to make many friends and engage in fun-filled talks.

A free webgraphics site -- providing goodies such as layouts, signs, desktops, templates -- and side activities like a forum, topsite, and contests.

A resource site with free, linkware graphics featuring various anime and manga -- layouts, avatars, wallpaper -- including blinkies, pngs, and other stuff.

BlessTheFaerie is filled with a plentiful amount of goodies for Ragnarok users -- skins, backgrounds -- and goodies from the owner (fanfics).

Lexi's website with a growing span of content from graphics -- layouts, banners, backgrounds, avatars -- to music codes for visitors to use.

A site (in Italiam) with various large graphics -- blinkies, animated, banners, signs -- and personal content on the webmistress, Ailinen.

Satsukiyami.COM provides a nice range of graphics -- from layouts, to avatars and wallpapers -- including resources such as tutorials and brushes.

A graphics site with a growing amount of anime content: image gallery, avatars, buttons, winamp skins, wallpapers, and miscellaneous fun and games.

A growing designs site with a wonderful amount of graphics -- layouts, wallpapers, PNGs -- including extra interactives for visitors to join into.

One of the largest sites filled with bishounen-featured graphics -- from layouts, to avatars, and wallpapers -- that will fulfill many fangirls' (or fans, in general) dreams.

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