Link Exchanges
Below are sites that LD has link exchanged with. If you would like to link exchange with Lovely Designs, then please contact Christine by clicking here. Thank you. =)

A devoted anime graphics site with superb graphics of all kind -- such as avatars, templates, layout, wallpapers, stationary, and signs.

An anime site with various activities for people to have fun with their favorites, along with a graphics section in the making.

An art and designs site featuring Sushy's works of art (cartoons and her portfolio), as well as free-linkware graphics for visitors to enjoy.

A site dedicated to Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII; here you can learn about them, the game, and their lovely relationship.

A graphics resource site to meet the needs of any site and person in search of graphics -- with avatars, buttons, and templates of various sizes; and layouts.

Alíliah's domain filled with various content for visitors: pixels, adoptions, dollmaker, short stories, poetry, designs, and many more to see.

An anime graphics site, formerly known as Blue Designs, that provides graphics in different shapes and sizes; Neopet- themed graphics are also included.

A graphics site that provides Jrock-themed graphics to satisfy your Jrock needs -- wallpapers, buttons, avatars; and you can even request.

Liana's personal site filled with stuff about her -- profile, artwork, quiz results, pictures -- and also some content for her visitors like avatars and buttons.

An anime resource and graphics site that contains information on several anime series, as well as some anime/game graphics and downloads.

An anime graphics site that provides visitors with cute graphics for their site -- (currently on hiatus, however).

Designs site filled with many types of anime graphics -- avatars, layouts, buttons, signs -- and helpful tutorials for those in need of some help.

A site that offers many graphics to fit your needs -- layouts, banners, wallpapers, avatars -- and if you can't find what you're looking for, you can make a request.

Mary's personal site filled not only with stuff of her own, but she also provides graphic goodies for visitors to enjoy -- like wallpapers, buttons, avatars.

Providing you with a load of quality anime graphics to your likings -- from layouts, to wallpapers, to avatars -- and helpful tutorials including a forum you can join.

A graphics site filled mostly with anime graphics, but also miscellaneous subjects and themes -- layouts, avatars, signs -- including tutorials and resource links.

A wallpaper and icon graphics site -- filled with anime, movies and other-themed graphics to fit your website and desktop needs.

Offers free linkware graphics -- from avatars, to abstract arts, and layouts -- as well as tutorials on various subjects for those in need.

Iilayah's personal site which includes her blog and other things created by her -- writings, artworks -- and some free linkware graphics for people.

Your anime graphics resource site for great goodies -- whether it be a layout, a sign, or an avatar -- including tutorials, awards, and much more.

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