Abstract Art
Here are several abstract arts, all of them created by Christine using Adobe PS, that you may use in the creation of your own graphics/layouts. Each page will have 12 abstract arts displayed. Before you proceed, please read below to know the rules and what nots of viewing and using the abstract art...

Terms of Usage
1. I would really appreciate it if you gave me credit if you use any of the abstract arts. Regardless of whether you've used so many effects, words, and brushes that it barely looks anything compared to it's original form. At least link back with something like "Abstract found at Lovely Designs" or similar.

2. NO hotlinking, please. Why? Because I pay a good amount of money for my bandwidth. Therefore, it's mines to use and who I say can use it, too.

3. I'd rather you not redistribute any of my abstract arts; I'd like to keep them exclusive to this site, only. But if you really want to, then please ask me for permission, at least.

4. All of the abstract arts were done by me, so please think twice before you decide to claim them as your own or accuse me of stealing any from whomever. I do, in fact, have the huge .psd files of most of my abstract arts, just in case this matter should come up.

5. Do not use the abstract arts for commerical/profitable purposes. If the need arises, then ask me for permission first.

** Failure to abide by the 'ToS' will result in consequences.

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