Brief History of Lovely Designs
This graphics site first started out as a small section on my personal site (which was then called Sailor Saturn Online). The small section featured avatars made by me; free for other people to use. The section soon expanded to a point where I felt it deserved its separate, own place. This resulted in the creation of the actual site: Lovely Designs. Although the exact date was not recorded, Lovely Designs opened in early 2003. First hosted at Host Ultra, later under the private domain of Na2 (thanks so much, Na2!), and now, LD is hosted under my own domain.

In the beginning, Lovely Designs only offered a few sets of graphics: table, iframe/frame, div layer layouts; 88x31 buttons, and 60x60 avatars. Since then, it has grown to include other types of graphics for visitors. With over two years in this site's history, it is hoped that Lovely Designs will continue to grow and provide graphics, help, and service to people's likings.

Thank you for being so kind and taking the time to visit this site.

Sincerely, Christine

Webmistress of Lovely Designs

Name/Nick: Christine
AKA: Rikku Girl
Age: 18
Webdesigning since: Late 2002
Best at: Layouts, buttons, avatars/icons, abstract art

Former LD Crew members
I used to also have several crew members working with me on Lovely Designs before I decided to finally make this site an independent project of mines. I'd like to give much thanks and gratitude for their help and great efforts as they worked with me.

Demon Jin
YugiohGurl (aka Lex)

Layout Credits & Copyrights
"Thank you!!" to...
Fruits Basket // Adobe ImageReady 7 // DaFONT // Melissa (feedback)
...Fruits Basket images were scanned from its DVDs...

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